Department of Information Systems

Artificial Intelligence Driven Autonomy

Czech title:Autonomie řízená umělou inteligencí
Research leader:Chudý Peter
Team members:Černocký Jan, Grézl František, Hruška Tomáš, Prustoměrský Milan, Vlk Jan, Zemčík Pavel
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic - Národní centra kompetence 1
Keywords:agent; autonomy; expert system; flight training; behavior model; flight simulator; software; machine learning; artificial intelligence; user interface; big data
Pilot training belongs to time-wise and financially demanding activities. Its concept reflects not only the technical and technological advancement in aviation, but also a high standard of social expectations. In context of advanced Cyber-Physical Systems, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), modern pilot training represents a significant scientific, commercial and social challenge. The main projects goal is to develop a set of software tools for AI driven autonomy in agents for modern synthetic pilot training platforms. The users of project deliverables will be training organizations and providers of simulation products. Project deliverables increase the added value of products and services of national aeronautical industry and leverage its global competitiveness.

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