Department of Intelligent Systems

Efficient Automata for Formal Reasoning

Czech title:Efektivní automaty pro formální rozhodování
Research leader:Holík Lukáš
Team members:Lengál Ondřej, Šimáček Jiří
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:finite automata
formal verification
decision procedures
string analysis
shape analysis
context-free languages

The project focuses on development of efficient algorithms for finite automata applicable in formal verification and analysis of dynamic systems. The central idea is to explore connections between automata, SAT/SMT solving, and program verification. We believe that because all these three domains solve similar problems, interchanging ideas between the domains is possible and may significantly advance not only the domain of automata but also the other mentioned areas. The automata-based algorithms developed in the project will in particular target the following four lively domains of applications: analysis of string manipulating programs, shape analysis, verification of concurrent programs, and decision procedures of selected logics suitable for verification of infinite-state systems (such as WSkS or separation logic). The work on the project will include rigorous mathematical description of the developed principles and algorithms, as well as their implementation and experimental evaluation.


2018Sloth: An SMT Solver for String Constraints, software, 2018
Authors: Holík Lukáš, Janků Petr, Lin Anthony W., Rummer Philipp, Vojnar Tomáš
2017Gaston - Symbolic WS1S Solver, software, 2017
Authors: Fiedor Tomáš, Holík Lukáš, Janků Petr, Lengál Ondřej, Vojnar Tomáš


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