Department of Intelligent Systems

TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments (TETRAMAX)

Czech title:Transfer technologií skrze nadnárodní aplikační experimenty
Research leader:Leupers Rainer (RWTH)
Team leaders:Palkovič Martin
Team members:Češka Milan, Smrž Pavel, Zemčík Pavel
Agency:European Comission EU - Horizon 2020
Keywords:Internet of Things, Digital Technologies, Transfer of Technologies
The project aims to boost innovation by stimulating, organizing and evaluating different kinds of technology transfer experiments (TTX). These co-funded "application experiments" connect SMEs and mid-caps with international academics, resulting in low-risk industrial adoption of novel computing technologies. Additionally, building and leveraging a European CLEC competence center network will increase the exchange of technologies and solutions, hence increasing TTX opportunities. By providing sufficient seed funding, TETRAMAX can enable the long-term and self-sustainability of the EU network of competence centers.

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