Department of Intelligent Systems

Survey and education of citizens of the Czech Republic in the field of biometrics

Research leader:Drahanský Martin
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:biometrics; biometric system; biometric data; education; risk of misuse; survey; socio-demogpraphic diversity
The aim of the project is to carry out a study of knowledge of biometric systems and manipulation of biometric data among citizens of the Czech Republic, with an emphasis on knowledge of the risks arising from the use of these systems. We will focus on various age groups, professional groups and people with different education. Based on this study, we will prepare 1) a certified methodology for Czech Police and Office for Personal Data Protection and 2) a brochure for relevant stakeholders, with whom we will organize also 3) a participatory workshop that will contribute to the relevant transfer to practice. The electronic brochure will be freely available in a print-ready format to ensure its availability. These materials will be created within three years of project implementation.


2019DRAHANSKÝ Martin, KANICH Ondřej, GOLDMANN Tomáš and DVOŘÁK Michal. Biometrické systémy - aktuální stav a bezpečnost. Útvar polic. vzdělávání a služební přípravy, Policie ČR, Brno, 2019.

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