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New solutions for multimodal biometrics - enhancement of security and reliability of biometric technologies

Czech title:Nová řešení pro multimodální biometrii - zvýšení bezpečnosti a spolehlivosti biometrických technologií
Research leader:Drahanský Martin
Team leaders:Provazník Ivo
Team members:Doležel Michal, Kanich Ondřej, Malčík Dominik, Mézl Martin (FEKT VUT), Smital Lukáš (FEKT VUT)
Agency:COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Keywords:fingerprint, liveness detection, skin disease, chip security
The aim of this project is the basic research of new methods in the field of biometric fingerprint recognition technology. The project is divided into three parallel areas - new methods for liveness detection on fingers, new methods for elimination of influence of skin diseases to the fingerprint recognition process and new methods for analysis of chip security, which are used in the field of fingerprint recognition technology.


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Authors: Doležel Michal, Kanich Ondřej, Drahanský Martin
2015Microscopic data analyzer, software, 2015
Authors: Malčík Dominik, Drahanský Martin


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