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2019Fingerprint Quality Visualizer, software, 2019
Authors: Kanich Ondřej, Oravec Tomáš, Dejmal David
 Multisensoric board usable on drone, prototype, 2019
Authors: Malaník Petr, Goldmann Tomáš, Drahanský Martin
 Trau: SMT solver for string constraints, software, 2019
Authors: Abdulla Parosh A., Atig Mohamed F., Bui Phi Diep, Holík Lukáš, Chen Yu-Fang, Rezine Ahmed, Rummer Philipp
2018MINA: A Tool for Verification of Programs with an Unbounded Number of Threads, software, 2018
Authors: Holík Lukáš, Turoňová Lenka, Vojnar Tomáš
 Ranger: A Tool for Bounds Analysis of Heap-Manipulating Programs, software, 2018
Authors: Fiedor Tomáš, Holík Lukáš, Rogalewicz Adam, Sinn Moritz, Vojnar Tomáš, Zuleger Florian
 Semiautomated 2D hand features scanner, specimen, 2018
Authors: Dvořák Michal, Stehlík Petr, Drahanský Martin
 Semi-automatic retinal scanning device, specimen, 2018
Authors: Drahanský Martin, Malaník Petr, Hájek Josef, Pokorný Jaroslav
 Sloth: An SMT Solver for String Constraints, software, 2018
Authors: Holík Lukáš, Janků Petr, Lin Anthony W., Rummer Philipp, Vojnar Tomáš
 SYDAGenerator - tool for generating datasets using a 3D model, software, 2018
Authors: Goldmann Tomáš, Drahanský Martin
 Synthetic Fingerprint Damage Simulator and Generator - Swipe Damage Module, software, 2018
Authors: Kanich Ondřej, Drahanský Martin
2017FOS: Fast ODE Solver, software, 2017
Authors: Kocina Filip
 Gaston - Symbolic WS1S Solver, software, 2017
Authors: Fiedor Tomáš, Holík Lukáš, Janků Petr, Lengál Ondřej, Vojnar Tomáš
 Shooting equipment for short firearms, specimen, 2017
Authors: Goldmann Tomáš, Dvořák Michal, Spurný Martin, Drahanský Martin

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