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VÁVRA Petr and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Ovládání inteligentní domácnosti. Brno, 2016.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Ovládání inteligentní domácnosti
Title (en):Control of Intelligent Household
Place:Brno, CZ
intelligent household, IoT, remote heating control, Apple iOS, Arduino
The goal of this work is to create a heating controller, which controls the heater. Setting of con-troller will be provided by an application for smart phone. The communication between applica-tion and controller is made via Internet. The idea of the application is to give to a user a comfort utility, which will provide to user the control over heating and will show status and statistics and trends.
Records about the heating are transferred in periodical time interval transferring to the server. If the transfer fails, it indicates that there is some problem with electricity and server can notify a user. This device is suited to property owners, who arent living in it.
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