Ústav počítačové grafiky a multimédií

Akce, semináře

1.11.2017[VGS-IT] Extracting transparent image layers for high-quality compositing
10.5.2017[VGS-IT] Toward Intuitive Imagery: User Friendly Manipulation and Exploration of Images and Videos
24.4.2017[VGS-IT] Neural Network Supported Acoustic Beamforming for Speech Enhancement and Recognition
2.3.2017[VGS-IT] Tracking with Discriminative Correlation Filters
15.2.2017[VGS-IT] Perception and Personalization in Digital Content Reproduction
31.1.2017[VGS-IT] Efficient Deconvolution Techniques for Computational Photography
3.1.2017[VGS-IT] Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
14.12.2016[VGS-IT] Data Parallelism in Computer Vision
8.11.2016[VGS-IT] Recent Advances in Vector Graphics Creation and Display
2.11.2016[VGS-IT] 3D Reconstruction from Photographs and Algebraic Geometry
23.8.2016[VGS-IT] On the Relation between Error Measures, Statistical Modeling, and Decision Rules
20.5.2016[VGS-IT] Everything Counts - Rendering Highly-detailed Environments in Real-time
6.5.2016Formáty a technologie v TV prostředí
22.4.2016[VGS-IT] Learning visual representations from Internet data
12.4.2016[VGS-IT] Linear Programming Relaxation Approach to Discrete Energy Minimization
11.4.2016Embedded Graphics: Rendering and Compute using an i.MX SoC
23.3.2016[VGS-IT] Reconstructing the Real World in Motion
12.1.2016[VGS-IT] Classifier Adaptation at Prediction Time
8.12.2015[VGS-IT] Data processing of Astronomical Images
26.11.2015[VGS-IT] Probabilistic approach to high order assignment problems
20.10.2015[VGS-IT] Computer Graphics Meets Computational Design
15.9.2015[VGS-IT] Practical Bayesian Methods for Speech and Language Processing
10.6.2015[VGS-IT] Recent Advances in Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Ray Tracing
27.5.2015[VGS-IT] Calibrating Surveillance Camera Networks
27.3.2015[VGS-IT] From high dynamic range to perceptual realism
26.3.2015[VGS-IT] Machine learning approaches for estimation of a neuron's spectro-temporal filter
24.2.2015[VGS-IT] Advances in Image Restoration: from Theory to Practice
28.1.2015[VGS-IT] Visual Retrieval with Geometric Constraint

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