Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Improving Robustnes in Automatic Speaker Recognition

Czech title:Zvýšení spolehlivosti v automatickém rozpoznávání řečníka
Reseach leader:Glembek Ondřej
Team leaders:Fér Radek, Novotný Ondřej
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:automatic speaker recognition;robustness;adaptation;speech
Speaker recognition systems have gained very high recognition performance in the recent years. However, it has been shown that system performance degrades when the recognition data domain differs from the one used for system parameter training. Also, introducing additive noise (e.g. background traffic noise), convolutive noise (e.g. reverb of the room), or channel noise (e.g. telephone codec) to the recording further degrades the performance. The solutions to these issues are to a) seek for techniques for robust modeling, and b) to develop methods for system adaptation. In this project, we want to focus on both of these approaches.

Project description:
The goals of this project are research, development and analysis of universal adaptation techniques and techniques for increasing robustness in automatic speaker recognition.

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