Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Eastern European Speech Databases for Creation of Voice Driven Teleservices

Research leader:Černocký Jan
Agency:European Commission Directorate General Information Society Unit D4 - Human Language Technologies
Code:SpeechDat-E, 977017


2000Czech SpeechDat(E) Database, production, 2000
Authors: Černocký Jan, Pollák Petr, Schwarz Petr
 FTP-Transcriber, software, 2000
Authors: Černocký Jan, Schwarz Petr


2000POLLÁK Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Final recruitement metodology and documentation of speakers typology for the final Czech database, Deliverable ED 2.12.2b. Brno: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BUT, 2000.
 POLLÁK Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Installation of recording device including recording, annotation, and documentation on 10 1st speakers. Plans for recruitment of speakers for Czech., Deliverable ED 2.12.2a. Brno: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BUT, 2000.
 ČERNOCKÝ Jan, POLLÁK Petr and HAN®L Václav. Czech Recordings and Annotations on CD's - Documentation on the Czech Database and Database Access, Deliverable ED 2.3.2. Brno, 2000.
 ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Correction of Czech Database, Deliverable ED 2.4.2. Brno, 2000.
1999HAN®L Václav, POLLÁK Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Generating Phonetically Rich Sentences and Words for Czech SpeechDat. In: Proc. 9th Czech-German Workshop in Speech Processing. Praha: Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, 1999, pp. 15-16.
 POLLÁK Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Specification of speech database interchange format, Deliverable ED1.3. Praha: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, 1999.
 POLLÁK Petr, ČERNOCKÝ Jan and HAN®L Václav. Czech Telephony Speech Database of 1000 Speakers - SpeechDat(E). In: Proc. 1999 Polish-Hungarian-Czech Workshop on Circuit Theory, Signal Processing, and Applications. Praha: Czech Technical University Publishing House, 1999, pp. 77-80. ISBN 80-01-02047-9.
 ČERNOCKÝ Jan, POLLÁK Petr and HAN®L Václav. Definition of Corpus, scripts, standards and Specifications of environmental and speaker specific coverage applied to the Czech speech database, Deliverable ED1.12.2. Brno: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BUT, 1999.
 ČERNOCKÝ Jan, POLLÁK Petr, HAN®L Václav, RUSKO Milan and TRNKA Marián. Recording of Czech and Slovak telephone databases within SpeechDat-E. Proc. Workshop on TEXT, SPEECH and DIALOG (TSD'99). Berlin: Springer Verlag, 1999, pp. 388-391. ISBN 3-540-66494-7.

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