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Enabling automatic speaker verification to broad spectrum of users in the security domain

Czech title:Zpřístupnění automatického ověřování mluvčího širokému spektru uživatelů v oblasti bezpečnosti
Research leader:Černocký Jan
Team leaders:Schwarz Milan (Phonexia)
Team members:Glembek Ondřej, Kobes Michal (UPGM FIT VUT), Kohlová Renata, Pešán Jan, Plchot Oldřich, Šimek Dominik (FP VUT), Veselý Karel
Agency:Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Keywords:speaker recognition; voice biometry; speaker search; voice analysis; forensic analysis
Past few years have witnessed a substantial progress in theory and algorithimization of speaker recognition (SRE). This project aims at adaptation of SRE algorithms for specific needs of police and intelligence services, in order to (1) provide precise but easy-to-understand visualization so that responsible personnel obtains timely information needed to cope with threats and to speed up investigation, (2) be able to adapt systems to target user data and substantially improve their performances.


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