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Integrated simulation platform

Czech title:Integrovaná simulační platforma
Research leader:Chudý Peter
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Team members:Dittrich Petr, Prustoměrský Milan, Rydlo Karol, Vlk Jan
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:simulation platform; motion; synchronization; visualization; flight simulator; force feedback
Utilization of simulators with insufficient authenticity may lead to negative training. In case the upset recovery allows exceeding the physical limits of the real machine, this phenomenon is regarded as an improper use of simulation echnology. The effects of negative training concern the simulation industry. The aim of the proposed project is the research and development of an integrated simulation platform, capable of high fidelity spatial simulations of transportation devices.


2015Electromechanical motion platform with 6 degrees of freedom, specimen, 2015
Authors: Chudý Peter, Vlk Jan
 Generic integrated simulation platform with motion, tactile and audio cues, prototype, 2015
Authors: Chudý Peter, Vlk Jan, Dittrich Petr, Prustoměrský Milan
 Motion platform control software, software, 2015
Authors: Vlk Jan, Chudý Peter, Prustoměrský Milan, Dittrich Petr
 Motion platform verification software, software, 2015
Authors: Vlk Jan, Dittrich Petr, Prustoměrský Milan, Chudý Peter

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