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System for image and video processing

Authors:Beran Vítězslav, Fröml Vojtěch, Kapinus Michal, Klicnar Lukáš, Materna Zdeněk, Volf Tomáš, Mráček Štěpán, Hradiš Michal, Zemčík Pavel, Zendulka Jaroslav
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Keywords:image and video processing, event.-based analysis of video, video summarization, activity detection in video, face and people tracking in video, video comparator, video type classification
The functional model of the system for image and video processing consists of hardware obtained from the project and from an analytic tool EVIDANT for video processing based on events.

Its main purpose is to demonstrate functionality of the system for image and video processing, to enable users to use their data for analysis and to show capability of employing VTAPI Framework in applications.

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