Department of Computer Systems

The Department of Computer Systems is responsible for teaching mainly hardware-oriented courses in all study programmes accredited at FIT, i.e. in the Bc, MSc, and PhD study programmes. The lectures in most of the courses are supplemented with projects or laboratory sessions, where students acquire hands-on experience and skills with the latest software packages and hardware units (multiprocessor systems, embedded systems, design systems for FPGA etc.). 

Scientific and research activities of the Department are focused on architecture of hardware and software of computer systems at the levels of digital circuits, single- and many-core processors (including GPUs), embedded systems, application-specific integrated circuits, reconfigurable systems based on FPGAs, computer clusters and supercomputers. Another research is performed in the areas of diagnostics, testing and reliability of digital systems, circuit design method for low power, approximate computing, and bio-inspired artificial intelligence for design, adaptation and self healing of digital systems. 

The most important application areas include:

  • accelerated computer technologies for high-speed networks
  • supercomputes in high performance demanding simulations
  • acceleration of bioinformatic tasks
  • acceleration and optimization in road traffic tasks
  • adaptive hardware in FPGAs
  • bio-inspired circuit design methods
  • reliability of electromechanical systems
  • embedded and RT systems
  • unconventional computer architecture.

Seminar of the Department of Computer Systems is organized every Friday in room L314 at 1 PM. See program.

Research Areas

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