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Smart Application Aware Embedded Probes

Czech title:Vestavěné sondy pro analýzu a filtraci provozu na úrovni aplikačních protokolů
Research leader:Kořenek Jan
Team leaders:Korček Pavol, Žádník Martin
Team members:Dobai Roland, Košař Vlastimil, Puš Viktor (CESNET), Viktorin Jan
Agency:Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Keywords:lawful interception, application protocol, probe, FPGA
The aim of the project is to create small and flexible network probes capable of lawful interception up to the application layer, to be used by the law enforcement agencies. The concept of software defined monitoring and the FPGA SoC computation platform will be used to achieve the required performance. The probe will, besides the detailed traffic analysis and filtering, provide statistical information and the information regarding the quality of the measured data. It will also identify the encrypted traffic and adjust the data acquisition to the available hardware resources.


2017Lawful Interception L7 Probe, specimen, 2017
Authors: Dražil Jan, Fukač Tomáš, Kekely Lukáš, Košař Vlastimil, Polčák Libor, Korček Pavol, Kořenek Jan
 Packet Stack, software, 2017
Authors: Polčák Libor, Franková Barbora, Kekely Lukáš, Vrána Roman, Dražil Jan


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