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Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected lesions in the breast

Czech title:Fotoakustická/ultrazvuková mamoskopie pro ohodnocená a dektekci lézí v prsou
Reseach leader:Jaroą Jiří
Team leaders:Bordovský Gabriel, Budiský Jakub, Čudová Marta, Kadlubiak Kristián, Vaverka Filip
Agency:European Comission EU - Horizon 2020
Keywords:photoacoustic imaging, laser-induced ultrasound, high performance computing, numerical methods, breast cancer
PAMMOTH's objective is to develop, validate and begin exploitation of a dedicated breast imaging device for a significant impact in breast cancer diagnosis. The proposed device combines non-invasive 3D photoacoustic imaging and laser-induced ultrasound imaging. The device will provide near real-time, full-breast, multimodal images to the radiologist. From the ultrasound mode, the radiologist will visualize anatomical features and extent of tumors, and from multiwavelength photoacoustics, she will see tumor vascularity. Quantitative spectroscopic photoacoustic images will be extracted off-line, providing the radiologist information relating to tumor physiology and function such as angiogenesis and hypoxia.
The choice of the relevant biological targets, and of the functionalities and technical principles applied in the PAMMOTH imager, will enable sensitive, accurate and quantitative measurements of these targets. This will provide relevant information to the radiologist to make accurate diagnosis with high specificity.
We aim to make the imaging device such for all populations of women, with short time intervals between positive screening and diagnosis, having high through-put, possessing no carcinogenic potential and causing no pain and discomfort to patients.


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Authors: Jaroą Jiří, Treeby Bradley E.


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