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Designing and exploiting libraries of approximate circuits

Czech title:Navrhování a využívání knihoven aproximativních obvodů
Research leader:Sekanina Lukáš
Team members:Bidlo Michal, Strnadel Josef, Vašíček Zdeněk
Agency:Czech Science Foundation
Keywords:approximate circuit, computer aided design, genetic programming, evolvable hardware, digital circuit library
Approximate circuits are building blocks of complex systems on a chip that can exchange the quality of processing for power consumption reduction. The design of an approximate circuit showing good tradeoffs between the error and other parameters is still a challenging task. We propose to reduce the design time and increase the complexity of circuits that can routinely be approximated by (i) developing a comprehensive library of elementary approximate circuits and (ii) introducing suitable compositional schemes exploiting the elementary circuits available in the library. Assembling a complex approximate circuit from approximate sub-circuits is a challenging problem as it is, in general, unclear how to perform the (de)composition and how the errors of these sub-circuits manifest at the global level. The project seeks the following contributions: (1) efficient deterministic and evolutionary compositional algorithms for approximate circuit design, (2) a library containing over 1 million approximate circuits, and (3) new knowledge about approximate circuits by analyzing the library.


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