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Prototype of highspeed pro for IPv6 traffic monitoring

Authors:Vrána Roman, Kekely Lukáš, Žádník Martin, Kořenek Jan, Matoušek Jiří
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Keywords:network monitoring, FPGA, probe
Prototype of highspeed network probe is a reconfigurable platform for lawful interception and network security monitoring in 100Gb networks. The probe consists of a server, FPGA card Combo-100G, firmware for Combo-100G card and software for the server. Combo-100G tab allows hardware accelerated processing of network traffic, so that it is possible to intercept all network traffic. The card is plugged into the host PC via PCI-Express x8 Generation 3. After reboot the firmware is loaded into the card. Firmware implements the functionality of the legal wiretapping (legal interception --- LI). Firmware communicates with software running on the host server.  NetCOPE library is used for data transfers.
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