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Measurement station for organic electronics

Authors:Šimek Václav, Stříteský Stanislav, Weiter Martin, Růžička Richard
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Keywords:Organic electronics, measurement station, controlled environment, embedded system, remote access, automation, LabView.
In order to facilitate the execution of various time-demanding measurement and parameters analyses of circuit elements within the domain of organic electronics, where the materials exhibiting high sensitivity to the impact of ambient environment are commonly used, experimental measurement station was designed and physically constructed as a joint collaboration with the research team of prof. Weiter from FCH at Brno University of Technology. With the suggested target applications in mind the measurement station itself is offering the opportunity to perform the necessary measurement in protective atmosphere.

Furthermore, there was also implemented a substantial automation of particular tasks including the export of obtained data in a form of tabular or graphical representation. Besides the low-level control electronics and hardware elements of the resulting setup important feature of the measurement station is given by the availability of system created in LabView environment, which allow the users to control the measurement station in a remote way without the need of personal presence in clean room halls, where the station is situated. This aspects significantly contributes to the efficient way of performing the whole range of various relevant tasks.
Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology, Purkynova 118, 612 00 Brno
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