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SEKANINA Lukáš, VAŠÍČEK Zdeněk and MRÁZEK Vojtěch. Automated Search-Based Functional Approximation for Digital Circuits. Approximate Circuits - Methodologies and CAD. Heidelberg: Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 175-203. ISBN 978-3-319-99322-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Automated Search-Based Functional Approximation for Digital Circuits
Title (cs):Automatizovaná na prohledávání založená funkcionální aproximace pro číslicové obvody
Book:Approximate Circuits - Methodologies and CAD
Place:Heidelberg, DE
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
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approximate circuit, genetic programming, arithmetic circuits, multi-objective optimization
The problem of developing an approximate implementation of a given combinational circuit can be formulated as a multi-objective design problem and solved by means of a search algorithm. This approach usually provides many solutions showing high-quality tradeoffs between key design objectives; however, it is very computationally expensive. This chapter presents a general-purpose method based on genetic programming for an automated functional approximation of combinational circuits at the gate and register-transfer levels. It surveys relevant error metrics and circuit parameters that are typically optimized by genetic programming. A special attention is given to the techniques capable of providing formal guarantees in terms of error bounds and accelerating the search process. Case studies dealing with approximate implementations of arithmetic circuits and image operators are presented to highlight the quality of results obtained by the search-based functional approximation in completely different application domains.
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