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VAVERKA Filip, TREEBY Bradley E. and JAROŠ Jiří. Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on Piz Daint with 512 Pascal GPUs. Denver, 2017.
Publication language:english
Original title:Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on Piz Daint with 512 Pascal GPUs
Conference:SuperComputing 2017
Place:Denver, US
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Local domain decomposition, k-Wave toolbox, GPU
Ultrasound simulation is a critical component of model-based treatment planning for ultrasound therapy. However, the domains are typically thousands of wavelengths in size, leading to large-scale numerical models with 10s of billions of unknowns. This paper presents a novel local Fourier basis domain decomposition for full-wave ultrasound propagation simulations with a custom bell function which ensures that the numerical error stays below 0.1% while enabling almost ideal strong scaling. Realistic benchmarks with 512 Nvidia P100 GPUs in the best EU supercomputer Piz Daint achieved efficiency between 90 and 100% with a speed-up over 100 and computational cost reduction by a factor of 12 compared to 1024 Haswell cores.

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