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DVOŘÁK Václav and MIKUŠEK Petr. Memory-Based Logic Control for Embedded Systems. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2015, vol. 325, no. 1, pp. 367-379. ISSN 1876-1100.
Publication language:english
Original title:Memory-Based Logic Control for Embedded Systems
Title (cs):Paměťově založené logické řízení pro vestavěné systémy
Journal:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 325, No. 1, Berlin, CH
Logic control, multiple-output logic functions, look-up table (LUT) cascades, embedded systems
Implementation of logic control algorithms in embedded systems is limited by space and response time. Use of a single look-up table (LUT) for multiple-output Boolean function is almost always excluded due to the LUT size. The paper deals with implementation in a form of cascade of smaller LUTs. Cascade length and memory required to store LUTs can be varied and it is shown that an optimal trade-offs can be reached. Changes in logic control can be implemented easily by re-loading data into LUTs. The presented method is thus useful for logic control in embedded systems or in microcontroller software.
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