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The Faculty of Information Technologies of Brno University of Technology will welcome suggestions from its graduates and the public regarding Faculty activities. If you have anything to suggest, do let us know, please.

Some of the historical parts of the Faculty campus are accessible to the public. If you want to see the monastery yard in Božetěchova 2, enter through the historical monastery portal. If you want to see more of the Faculty campus, take up any of the opportunities offered by the Faculty in the form of events such as the heraldry festival, open house day, science day, and other actions.

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Author: Beran Vítězslav, Ing., Ph.D.

Faculty Events

31.1-3.2.2018HiVisComp 2018
16.2.2018Den otevřených dveří FIT 2018
27.-31.8.2018Letní škola (F)IT pro holky
8.9.2018 - 30.4.2019IT a bezpečnost - seminář pro studenty SŠ 2018
17.9.2018 - 3.5.2019Kruhy na FIT
5.10.2018Homecoming 2018
5.10.2018Noc vědců 2018
14.12.2018 - 1.2.2019Dny otevřených dveří
30.1-2.2.2019High Visual Computing 2019
25.5.2019VUT JUNIOR 2019/2020 na FIT
25.5.2019120 let VUT na FIT: den otevřených dveří
29.-31.5.2019Quantum Programming Workshop
15.-31.7.20192019 Brno International Summer School in Information Technology
26.-30.8.2019Letní škola (F)IT pro holky
9.-11.9.2019Alpine Verification Meeting 2019
19.-22.9.2019Start@FIT 2019
27.9.2019Night of Scientists 2019
2.10.2019How to establish a Student Start Up
16.10.2019Meet the founders of Start Ups
6.11.2019Žijeme IT


15.2.2018Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
21.3.2018Agile Project Management - jak vyhovět zákazníkovi, ale nefrustrovat programátory
10.4.2018State of GraphQL in 2018
12.4.2018The Commutativity Problem of MapReduce Programs
17.9.2018 - 31.5.2019Start-up@FIT 2018 - Od nápadu k produktu
1.10.2018 - 30.6.2019Konzultace pro zájemce o podnikání v IT
9.10.2018Innovation and Start-Ups: A View from a Full-Time Inventor
10.10.2018Invention practice/demo session
10.10.2018Using What I Learned in Testing to Invent Patents in Other Domains and Vice Versa
7.11.2018IT technologie u Vojenského zpravodajství
15.11.2018Using Pot and LSD to improve ACID transactions
28.11.2018Clean Code by ARTIN
6.12.2018[FM] R. Kocman: A Jumping 5'->3' Watson-Crick Finite Automata Model
12.12.2018[FM] A. Meduna, Z. Křivka: Jumping Pure Grammars
1.1-31.12.2019Software pro automatickou verifikaci výroby nejmodernějších procesorů a pamětí na atomové úrovni
26.3.2019Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
28.5.2019Andrey Malinin: Predictive Uncertainty Estimation via Prior Networks (DCPGM seminar)
29.5.2019Quantum computing, quantum software, and quantum science education

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