CASim - The Cellular Automata Simulator

CASim represents an interactive GUI-based 1D and 2D cellular automata simulator intended for educational and research purposes. It is platform-independent, created in Java and provided as open-source product based on The BSD license (see for details).

Downloading and starting CASim

By downloading CASim the user expresses agreement with The BSD License under which the software is provided.

CASim may be downloaded from

In order to run CASim, unpack the archive, enter the CASim directory and run the batch file start.bat (alternatively, you may run CASim from the command line: java -jar CASim.jar). CASim requires Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your system.

First steps with CASim

In order to load a sample application, select File->Open Text File... and choose life.txt (contained in the CASim directory) that encodes a setup for 20x20 cells 2D cellular automaton for Game of Life. After loading the CA and showing the basic empty grid, tick the Quick State Select box, choose state 1 and click on arbitrary cells to set them to this state. Then click on the Play button and observe the CA development. In order to save the CA in binary form, click the Save CA button. The binary saved CA may be loaded by selecting File->Open... from the menu.

In order to create a new CA, delete the actual one (if any) and then specify the parameters of the newly created CA from the Control Panel.

The CASim framework

(c) Copyright 2006-2010, Michal Bidlo,
Last update on Mar 26, 2011 (DLC)