Doc. Ing. Lukáš Burget, Ph.D.

PAPADOPOULOS Pavlos, TRAVADI Ruchir, VAZ Colin, MALANDRAKIS Nikolaos, HERMJAKOB Ulf, POURDAMGHANI Nima, PUST Michael, ZHANG Boliang, PAN Xiaoman, LU Di, LIN Ying, GLEMBEK Ondřej, BASKAR Murali K., KARAFIÁT Martin, BURGET Lukáš, HASEGAWA-JOHNSON Mark, JI Heng, MAY Jonathan, KNIGHT Kevin and NARAYANAN Shrikanth. Team ELISA System for DARPA LORELEI Speech Evaluation 2016. In: Proceedings of Interspeech 2017. Stockholm: International Speech Communication Association, 2017, pp. 2053-2057. ISSN 1990-9772. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Team ELISA System for DARPA LORELEI Speech Evaluation 2016
Title (cs):Systém týmu ELISA pro řečovou evaluaci DARPA LORELEI 2016
Proceedings:Proceedings of Interspeech 2017
Conference:Interspeech 2017
Place:Stockholm, SE
Journal:Proceedings of Interspeech, Vol. 2017, No. 08, FR
Publisher:International Speech Communication Association
speech evaluation
We presented the system developed by team ELISA for the pilot
speech evaluation of LORELEI. The goal of this program is
to aid humanitarian assistance by guiding the deployment of
relief teams and resources.
In this paper, we describe the system designed and developed by team ELISA for DARPAs LORELEI (Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents) pilot speech evaluation. The goal of the LORELEI program is to guide rapid resource deployment for humanitarian relief (e.g. for natural disasters), with a focus on "low-resource" language locations, where the cost of developing technologies for automated human language tools can be prohibitive both in monetary terms and timewise. In this phase of the program, the speech evaluation consisted of three separate tasks: detecting presence of an incident, classifying incident type, and classifying incident type along with identifying the location where it occurs. The performance metric was area under curve of precision-recall curves. Team ELISA competed against five other teams and won all the subtasks.
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