Doc. Ing. Lukáš Burget, Ph.D.

MATĚJKA Pavel, BURGET Lukáš, SCHWARZ Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. NIST 2005 Language Recognition Evaluation. In: Proceedings of NIST LRE 2005. Washington DC: National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2006, pp. 1-37.
Publication language:english
Original title:NIST Language Recognition Evaluation 2005
Title (cs):NIST 2005 Evaluace v Rozpoznávání Jazyka
Proceedings:Proceedings of NIST LRE 2005
Conference:NIST Language Recognition Evaluation
Place:Washington DC, US
Publisher:National Institute of Standards and Technology
PRLM, language identification, language recognition, phonotactic, antimodels, acoustic modeling, disriminative training, maximum mutual information
System for automatic language recognition.Test of different approaches of LID ranging from phonotactic to acoustic which are train also discriminatively.
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