Prof. RNDr. Milan Češka, CSc.


M.Sc. in Numerical Mathematics and Computer Science from Masaryk University of Brno, 1968, M.Sc.-Master thesis: Finite automata synthesis. RNDr in Computer Science from Masaryk university of Brno, 1974, RNDr-thesis: Design and implementation of a discrete simulation language. Ph.D. in Applied Cybernetics from Technical University of Brno, 1978, Ph.D.-thesis: Parallel systems modelling.

Professional career:

  • 1969-71: Research and development work in the field of numerical methods and languages for continuous system simulation; Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Technical University of Brno. Lectures: Programming in Algol 60.
  • 1972-74: Research and development work in the field of discrete simulation languages and their compilers and interpreters. This period has been finished by a design of the syntax and semantics of the process-oriented simulation language EC-SOL and the techniques of its implementation. Lectures: Compiler construction, Programming in Pascal.
  • 1975-80: Research in the field of mathematical and simulation models of parallel systems comleteted wiht Ph.D. dissertation. Results: The method of the model synthesis based on Petri subnets transformations to EC-SOL simulation language constructs. The method has been used successfully in simulation and CAD courses and in the research projects up to now. The leadership of the team implementing EC-SOL simulation language. Lectures: Grammars and languages, Compiler construction, Automata theory.
  • 1981-92: Continuation of a research and development of Petri nets applications in two areas: the automation of a simulation model implementation and software development for a model verification and analysis based on the Petri net theory. The appointment of Associate Prof. in Computer Science (1983). The leadership of the project of Petri net tools integration into a compact program system. Results: design and implementation of the Petri nets tool PESIM in the form of the Windows 3.1 application consisting of a graphical Petri net editor, an interactive net simulator and a subsystem of Petri net analysis. Lectures: Mathematical foundation of computer science, Compiler construction, Computability and Complexity
  • 1993-1997 : Habilitation at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science TU of Brno, habilitation thesis - Methods of Place/Transition Petri nets analysis. Reassert in the field of application of Petri nets and object oriented paradigm in the system specification and design methodologies (Grant of Czech Academy of Science) .

Research interests:

  • Formal Languages Theory
  • Formal Specifications
  • Petri Nets Theory
  • System Modelling and Simulation


  • Member of Scientific Council of the Brno Technical University
  • Member of Scientific Council of the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology, STU Bratislava 
  • Member of Scientific Council of the Faculty of Information Technology, BTU Brno 
  • Member of Czech IFIP Committee Member of IFIP TC 10 Committee - Computer systems technology
  • Member of Scientific Council of the Faculty of Electrotechnical engineering and Informatics, UP Pardubice
  • Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of General Systems, Gordon and Breach Science Publisher, USA
  • Member of Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute
  • Member of Gesellschaft fur Informatik, DBR
  • Member of pedagogical boards for graduate and postgraduate study in Information Technology
  • Member of Library Board of FIT BUT Brno


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