Doc. Ing. Daniel Cvrček, Ph.D.

CVRČEK, D. and MATYÁŠ, V. Privacy - what do you mean?. In: UBICOMP Privacy Workshop. Nottingham, 2004, pp. 12-18.
Publication language:english
Original title:Privacy - what do you mean?
Title (cs):Soukromí - co tím myslíš?
Proceedings:UBICOMP Privacy Workshop
Conference:UBICOMP 2004
Place:Nottingham, GB
privacy, common criteria, freiburg privacy diamond, model, anonymity
The paper reviews several models of privacy with the main focus toward unlinkability. The Common Criteria defintions are scrutinized and uncovered definitions of unlinkability are identified. Properties of one model covering a problem of context information - the Freiburg Privacy Diamond - are also discussed.
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