Doc. Dr. Ing. Otto Fučík

Rapid prototyping tools for development of HW-accelerated embedded image- and video-processing applications

Czech title:Prostředky pro rychlý vývoj HW-akcelerovaných vestavěných aplikací zpracování obrazu a videa
Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team members:Fučík Otto, Herout Adam
Agency:Grantová agentura AV ČR
Keywords:digital image and video processing, hardware acceleration of image processing, embedded systems, FPGA
The goal of the project is to set up tools enabling to speed-up design of systems using hardware acceleration of image and video processing algorithms, with the intention to facilitate industrial application of the advanced, computationally intensive algorithms in this field. Libraries of hardware and DSP macros of selected algorithms and their simulation equivalents will be developed in the project. A possibility to exploit dynamic FPGA reconfiguration for implementation of algorithms will be investigated - building on the results of the RECONF project, previously solved in the laboratory of proposer. An architecture of a multi-level environment for rapid application design and configuration, using these libraries, will also be examined. This environment, should, at the lower level, use relatively simple scripting language and, at the higher level, some rapid development tool. We assume the Matlab/Simulink environemnt and/or the high-level HW-oriented languages (HandelC, SystemC).


2008Interpreter of image processing language, software, 2008
Authors: Zuzaňák Jiří
2007Script for image processing, software, 2007
Authors: Zuzaňák Jiří

Related projects

2002Computer graphics algorithms with FPGA support, GACR, GA102/02/0507, 2002-2003, completed
Research leader: Zemčík Pavel


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