Doc. Dr. Ing. Otto Fučík

DVOŘÁK Leoš, DVOŘÁK Leoš, FUČÍK Otto, FUČÍK Otto, HONEC Jozef, HONEC Jozef, RICHTER Miroslav, RICHTER Miroslav, VALENTA Pavel, VALENTA Pavel, ZEMČÍK Pavel and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Industrial Applications of Computer Vision. Automa. 2000, vol. 2002, no. 5, pp. 28-30. ISSN 1210-9592.
Publication language:english
Original title:Industrial Applications of Computer Vision
Place:Praha, CZ
Journal:Automa, Vol. 2002, No. 5, CZ
industrial application, image processing
The publication is an overview of the application development for industrial image processing at Brno University of Technology
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