Prof. Ing. Adam Herout, Ph.D.

HAVEL Jiří, DUBSKÁ Markéta, HEROUT Adam and JOŠTH Radovan. Real-Time Detection of Lines using Parallel Coordinates and CUDA. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing. 2014, vol. 2014, no. 9, pp. 205-216. ISSN 1861-8200.
Publication language:english
Original title:Real-Time Detection of Lines using Parallel Coordinates and CUDA
Title (cs):Detekce přímek v reálném čase pomocí paralelních souřadnic a CUDA
Journal:Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, Vol. 2014, No. 9, DE
Hough Transform, PClines, CUDA, Real-Time Line Detection, Accumulation Scheme
The Hough transform is a well-known and popular algorithm for detecting lines in raster images.  The standard Hough transform is rather slow to be usable in real-time, so different accelerated and approximated algorithms exist.
This paper proposes a modified accumulation scheme for the Hough transform, using a new parameterization of lines "PClines". This algorithm is suitable for computer systems with a small but fast read-write memory -- such as today's graphics processors. The algorithm requires no floating-point computations or goniometric functions. This makes it suitable for special and low-power processors and special-purpose chips. The proposed algorithm is evaluated both on synthetic binary images and on complex real-world photos of high resolutions.  The results show that by using today's commodity graphics chips, the Hough transform can be computed at interactive frame rates, even with a high resolution of the Hough space and with the Hough transform fully computed.
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