Prof. Ing. Adam Herout, Ph.D.

HEROUT Adam, ZEMČÍK Pavel, BERAN Vítězslav and KADLEC Jaroslav. Image and Video Processing Software Framework for Fast Application Development. In: Joint AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop. Martigny: Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, 2004, p. 1.
Publication language:english
Original title:Image and Video Processing Software Framework for Fast Application Development
Title (cs):Softwarové prostředí pro rychlou tvorbu aplikací zpracování obrazu a videa
Proceedings:Joint AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop
Conference:Joint AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop
Place:Martigny, CH
Publisher:Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing, Rapid Application Development, Video
The presented effort aims to create and maintain a unified software framework for development of image/video processing applications. Many algorithmic constructions and data types tend to repeat themselves in this class of applications as well as user interface primitives and control procedures. The framework named the Views should establish itself as a repository of such repeated software constructions shared by programmers developing image/video processing applications. The paper presents the structure of a wider visual data processing system incorporating embedded modules, custom cameras, inter-system communication, etc. The Views system is basically the software part of this complex written in C language.
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