Prof. Ing. Adam Herout, Ph.D.

ZEMČÍK Pavel, SUMEC Stanislav, POTÚČEK Igor, ŠPANĚL Michal, HEROUT Adam and PEČIVA Jan. Summary of Image/Video Processing for AMI Project in Brno. In: Poster at MLMI'04 workshop. Martigny: Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, 2004, pp. 1-1.
Publication language:english
Original title:Summary of Image/Video Processing for AMI Project in Brno
Title (cs):Sumarizace zpracování obrázu/videa pro AMI projekt v Brně
Proceedings:Poster at MLMI'04 workshop
Conference:Joint AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop
Place:Martigny, CH
Publisher:Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence
AMI project, image processing, video processing
The poster summarizes the image/video processing efforts for various workpackages and their interconnection in AMI project done at Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic. The goal of the poster is to provide better insight in the "bigger picture" of efforts in Brno to provide better understading of the structure to the participants from other partners and to improve the possibility to co-operate and to exchange/compare the achieved results.
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