Prof. Ing. Adam Herout, Ph.D.

BERAN Vítězslav, GRANÁT Jiří, HEROUT Adam and ZEMČÍK Pavel. DSP and FPGA Based Raster Image Processing Architecture. In: Proceedings of the Digital Technologies 2007 Workshop. Žilina: Zilina University Publisher, 2006, p. 6.
Publication language:english
Original title:DSP and FPGA Based Raster Image Processing Architecture
Title (cs):Architektura pro zpracování rastrových obrázků v DSP a FPGA
Proceedings:Proceedings of the Digital Technologies 2007 Workshop
Conference:Digital Technologies 2006
Place:Žilina, SK
Publisher:Zilina University Publisher
FPGA, DSP, configurable logical devices, image processing, raster graphics
An embedded raster image processing architecture based on programmable logical chip (FPGA) connected to a digital signal processor (DSP) is proposed in the contribution. The FPGA device is used as an accelerator for the computationally critical parts of the raster image processing applications. The main advantage of the system is standalone operation, low power consumption and good performance/price and performance/power ratios.

Application development for systems containing programmable logic and processors is in many cases difficult. The contribution addresses this fact and proposes a novel application development system for the architecture. The contribution also explains the architecture from hardware and software points of view.

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