Prof. Ing. Tomáš Hruška, CSc.

Cooperation of Universities in Supporting the State Struggle with Computer Crime

Czech title:Spolupráce odborných vysokých škol v boji státu s počítačovou kriminalitou
Team leaders:Cvrček Daniel, Hanáček Petr, Hruška Tomáš
Agency:Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Keywords:computer crime, computer safety, WWW, computer networks, computer viruses
The aim of the project is to establish a stronger professional and educational orientation to the domains related to computer crime at the three institutions that will carry out the project. Specific themes will be specified in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior (as e.g. detecting safety riscs of operating systems or user packages, monitoring the WWW documents or offer of services that are not compliant with the Czech law, virus detection, etc.). These themes will be worked out by students in the form of semestral, BSc. or MSc. projects. Evaluation of student projects will have a form of contest, in which the awarded students will obtain financial prizes. The goal is to change still prevailing mostly tolerant attitudes of the public (and the IT students in the first place) towards all forms of computer crime and to put some basis to cooperation between the participating academic staff and the respective personnel of the Ministry of Interior, what will favorably influence the qualification of this personnel.


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