Prof. Ing. Tomáš Hruška, CSc.

Improving Security of the Internet by Using System for Analyzing of Malicious Code Spreading

Czech title:Systém pro zvýšení bezpečnosti v prostředí Internetu analýzou šíření škodlivého kódu
Research leader:Krčma Pavel (AVG), Obluk Karel (AVG)
Team leaders:Hruška Tomáš
Team members:Hlosta Martin, Kupčík Jan, Pešek Martin, Stríž Rostislav, Šebek Michal, Zendulka Jaroslav
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:computer security, malicious software, malware, data analysis, data mining, visualization
The project is focused on discovering of new information about malware spreading from data anonymously collected by antivirus software from AVG Technologies CZ. Thanks to this new knowledge it will be possible to fight against malware more effectively and decrease damages caused by its activities.


2013Malware Analysis System, software, 2013
Authors: Hlosta Martin, Kupčík Jan, Šebek Michal, Pešek Martin, Stríž Rostislav, Hruška Tomáš, Zendulka Jaroslav, Halfar Patrik, Masařík Karel, Krčma Pavel


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