Prof. Ing. Tomáš Hruška, CSc.

HRUŠKA Tomáš and ZENDULKA Jaroslav. Development of IT Education at Brno University of Technology. In: EAIR 24th Annual EAIR Forum. Amsterodam, 2002, pp. 27-28.
Publication language:english
Original title:Development of IT Education at Brno University of Technology
Proceedings:EAIR 24th Annual EAIR Forum
Conference:24th EAIR Conference
Place:Amsterodam, NL
Faculty of Information technology, ICT
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic has had a tradition of more than thirty years in teaching computer science and engineering. The demand for graduates specialized in this field increased considerably in 2001 not only in the Czech Republic but also in the neighbouring countries (Germany and other European countries). In response to this, Brno University of Technology has established the Faculty of Information Technology.
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