Prof. Ing. Tomáš Hruška, CSc.

HUSÁR Adam, PŘIKRYL Zdeněk, MASAŘÍK Karel and HRUŠKA Tomáš. ASIP Design using Architecture Description Language ISAC. In: ACACES 2009 - Poster Abstracts. Ghent: High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation, 2009, pp. 137-139. ISBN 978-90-382-1467-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:ASIP Design using Architecture Description Language ISAC
Title (cs):Návrh ASIP pomocí jazyka pro popis architektury ISAC
Proceedings:ACACES 2009 - Poster Abstracts
Conference:Summer school ACACES 2009
Place:Ghent, BE
Publisher:High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation
Application Specific Instruction-set Processor; ISAC; Lissom; Architecture Description Language; Design Space Exploration; Electronic Design Automation; Electronic System Level Design
Design of new application specific instruction-set processor has key role in creation of new embedded systems. There is need to have most parts of the design process automated, so the time to market is short and price of the final product is low. Designer can use with advantage some integrated environment in which he describes new specialized processor using suitable language and the same environment allows him to program and simulate designed processor's behavior. In this extended abstract, Lissom project is presented. This project uses architecture description language called ISAC for processor modeling and provides powerful integrated development environment.
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