Ing. Jan Dražil

2018Acceleration of the DNS collector, CZ.NIC, 2018, running
Research leader: Kořenek Jan
Team leaders: Dražil Jan
2015Design of a system for testing security in IPv6 networks and processing incidents containing private addresses, CESNET, 2015-2016, completed
Research leader: Grégr Matěj
 Research and develompent for RehiveTech, spol. s r.o, RehiveTech, 2015-2020, running
Research leader: Martínek Tomáš
Team leaders: Košař Vlastimil, Viktorin Jan
 Smart Application Aware Embedded Probes, MV CR, VI20152019001, 2015-2019, running
Research leader: Kořenek Jan
Team leaders: Korček Pavol, Žádník Martin
2010Modern Tools for Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Criminality on the New Generation Internet, MV CR, VG20102015022, 2010-2015, completed
Research leader: Matoušek Petr
Team leaders: Herout Adam, Kořenek Jan, Lampa Petr, Martínek Tomáš, Podermański Tomáš, Ryšavý Ondřej, Zemčík Pavel

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