Roman Juránek

My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, and Acceleration

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Selected Publications

Real-time pose estimation piggybacked on object detection

Juránek, R., Herout, A., Dubska, M., Zemčík, P.
ICCV, 2015

Simultaneous detection and pose estimation applied to cars.

Fully Automatic Roadside Camera Calibration for Traffic Surveillance

Dubska, M., Herout, A., Juranek, R., Sochor, J.
IEEE ITS, 2014

Calibration of roadside cameras without human input.

Cheap Rendering vs. Costly Annotation: Rendered Omnidirectional Dataset of Vehicles

Slosar, P., Juranek, R., Herout, A.
SCCG, 2014

Rendering datasets for vehicle detection.

Real-time Algorithms of Object Detection using Classifiers

Juránek, R., Hradiš, M., Zemčík, P
Real Time Systems, Architecture, Scheduling, and Application, IN-TECH, 2012

Methods for acceleration of object detection based on classifiers. We use WaldBoost detectors, and consider acceleration on CPU/SSE, GPU and FPGA architectures.

Real-time Object Detection on CUDA

Herout, A., Jošth, R., Juránek, R., Havel, J., Hradiš, M., Zemčík, P.
JRTIP, 2011

Acceleration of WaldBoost-based object detector on CUDA architecture.

Implementing the Local Binary Patterns with SIMD Instructions of CPU

Herout, A., Juránek, R., Zemčík, P.
WSCG, 2010

Making LBP feature extraction effecient on SSE platforms.

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