Ing. Ondřej Klubal


2016IT4Innovations excellence in science, MŠMT CR, LQ1602, 2016-2020, running
Research leader: Hruška Tomáš
2014Reliability and Security in IT, BUT, FIT-S-14-2486, 2014-2016, completed
Research leader: Vojnar Tomáš
2010Tools and Methods for Video and Image Processing for the Fight against Terrorism, MV CR, VG20102015006, 2010-2015, completed
Research leader: Zendulka Jaroslav
Team leaders: Drahanský Martin, Zemčík Pavel
 development of Software for electronic facilities, Honeywell, HTSCZ000318, 2010-2018, completed
Research leader: Kořenek Jan
Team leaders: Martínek Tomáš, Zemčík Pavel, Žádník Martin

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