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SearchBestie (Search-Based Testing Environment) is a generic infrastructure that is designed to provide environment for experimenting with applying search techniques in the field of program testing.

Consider situation such that there are multiple tests of an application, each has multiple parameters of different type and you want to find the best (whatever the best means for you) combination of tests and their parameters. There are plenty of possible combinations. Search and analysis engines in SearchBestie help you to explore state space of possible combinations in a reasonable way and find a combination (or a set of combinations) that fits your requirements given by some fitness function.

SearchBestie consists of the following modules:

  • Manager: Controls the exploration process and provides supporting functionality (e.g. logging subsystem).
  • Search: Chooses a combination (test and parameters) to be executed in the next step of exploration process.
  • Executor: Executes a test with the given parameters and collects results.
  • Storage: Stores results of performed tests.
  • Analysis: Analyzes results stored in Storage.

Note, that SearchBestie is experimental tool and it is under development.

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Related publications

  • Křena Bohuslav, Letko Zdeněk, Ur Shmuel, Vojnar Tomáš: A Platform for Search-Based Testing of Concurrent Software, In: PADTAD '10, Trento, IT, ACM, 2010, p. 11, ISBN 978-1-60558-823-0
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This work was supported by the Czech Science Foundation (within projects P103/10/0306 and 102/09/H042), the Czech Ministry of Education (projects COST OC10009 and MSM 0021630528), and the internal BUT project FIT-10-1.

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