Ing. Jan Pluskal

PLUSKAL Jan, RYŠAVÝ Ondřej and MATOUŠEK Petr. On the Identification of Applications from Captured Network Traffic. New York, 2016. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:On the Identification of Applications from Captured Network Traffic
Title (cs):Identifikace aplikačních protokolů zachycené síťové komunikace
Conference:8th International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime
Place:New York, US
cyber forensics, cyber security, intrusion detection system, metadata, traffic classification
Digital forensics uses hashing as a tool to ensure data integrity and detecting known objects. Detecting know communication is more complicated as each data transfer contains specific and temporary characteristic, e.g., IP addresses, sequence numbers, and checksums. In network security, the anomaly or dangerous communication is identified by applying methods of traffic classification. In this presentation, we revisit the methods for traffic classification to determine an approach that can apply to the problem of distinguishing the traffic to known and suspect. Such classification can reduce the amount of information that needs to be analyzed by the forensic specialist during the investigation.

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