Ing. Pavla Sehnalová

Didactic Tool of Computer Hardware Course Innovation

Research leader:©átek Václav
Team leaders:Kunovský Jiří, Sehnalová Pavla
Agency:Fond rozvoje vysokých ąkol M©MT
Keywords:didactic tool, simulation environment, support of education, Computer Hardware course, Circuit Theory course, High Performance Computations course
The first aim of the project lies in a design and a hardware implementation of the didactic tool. The second aim contains implementation of a software for support of education for "Computer Hardware" course. The tool is intended to support  practical part of the course, students obtain the knowledge of basic principles in electrical circuits. The software is used to simulate the electrical circuits without the physical presence of the hardware. Computer Hardware, Circuit Theory and High Performance Computations courses will be enlarged by the tool and its software.


2011KUNOVSKÝ Jiří, SEHNALOVÁ Pavla and ©ÁTEK Václav. Inovace výuky teorie spojitých systémů. In: Sborník informatika 2011. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2011, pp. 47-48. ISBN 978-80-7375-520-1.
2010KADÁK Michal, KUNOVSKÝ Jiří and ©ÁTEK Václav. Stiffness and Algebraic Manipulations in Electronic Circuits Simulations. In: Proceedings of The 2010 International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science. Singapore: International Research Alliance for Science and Technology, 2010, p. 4. ISBN 978-981-08-6846-8.

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