Ing. Veronika Šoková


2019AUFOVER - AuFoVer - Automated Formal Verification, TACR, TH04010192, 2019-2021, running
Research leader: Kratochvíla Tomáš
Team leaders: Smrčka Aleš
 AUTODEV - Automata for Decision Procedures and Verification, GACR, GA19-24397S, 2019-2021, running
Research leader: Holík Lukáš
Team leaders: Strejček Jan
2018MUSIC - MuSiC - Multi-level Security for Critical Services, MŠMT CR, LTE118019, 2018-2020, running
Research leader: Zemčík Pavel
2017AQUAS: Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems, ECSEL JU - Horizon 2020, 8A17001, 737475, 2017-2020, running
Research leader: Robinson Charles
Team leaders: Vojnar Tomáš
 ROBUST - veRificatiOn and Bug hUnting for advanced SofTware, GACR, GA17-12465S, 2017-2019, running
Research leader: Vojnar Tomáš
Team leaders: Kofroň Jan
 Secure and Reliable Computer Systems, BUT, FIT-S-17-4014, FIT-S-17-4014, 2017-2019, running
Research leader: Vojnar Tomáš
2016Efficient Automata for Formal Reasoning, GACR, GJ16-24707Y, 2016-2018, completed
Research leader: Holík Lukáš
 IT4Innovations excellence in science, MŠMT CR, LQ1602, 2016-2020, running
Research leader: Hruška Tomáš
2014Automatic Formal Analysis and Verification of Programs with Complex Unbounded Data and Control Structures, GACR, GA14-11384S, 2014-2016, completed
Research leader: Vojnar Tomáš
Team leaders: Kofroň Jan

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