Ing. Martin Žádník, Ph.D.

GRÉGR Matěj, PODERMAŃSKI Tomáš, ŠOLTÉS Miroslav and ŽÁDNÍK Martin. IPv6: Bezpečná správa adresového prostoru. Brno: Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, 2015.
Publication language:czech
Original title:IPv6: Bezpečná správa adresového prostoru
Title (en):IPv6: Secure Management of the Address Space
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
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IPv6, address space
Manage clients in IPv6 network has a number of pitfalls. Some problems are known and there are solutions for them. Certain problems are less known and begin to exhibit the increasing penetration of systems supporting IPv6. One important problem is to identify the user. In IPv4 there is a clear, definable time assignment - one user typically uses a single IPv4 address which was allocated statically or dynamically. In dynamic allocation of IPv4 addresses is often used possibility to assign an address based on the address of the network card (MAC address) of the user. According to the thus assigned IPv4 addresses can be traced back at any time. In the case of an IPv6 address is a unique identifier does not identify the device (eg. A user's computer).
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