Doc. Ing. Jiří Jaroš, Ph.D.

OHLÍDAL Miloš, JAROŠ Jiří, DVOŘÁK Václav and SCHWARZ Josef. Evolutionary Design of OAB and AAB Communication Schedules for Interconnection Networks. In: EvoStar 2006. Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2006, pp. 267-278. ISBN 978-3-540-33237-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Evolutionary Design of OAB and AAB Communication Schedules for Interconnection Networks
Title (cs):Evoluční návrh plánů skupinových komunikací OAB a AAB pro propojovací sítě
Proceedings:EvoStar 2006
Conference:3rd European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Communication, Networks and Connected Systems
Series:LNCS 3907
Place:Berlin, DE
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Interconnection Architectures, Group Communications, Standard Genetic Algorithm (SGA), Hybrid parallel Genetic Simulated Annealing (HGSA), Interconnection Network, Communication Schedules, Store-and-Forward (SF),  Wormhole (WH) switching.
Since chip multiprocessors are quickly penetrating new application areas in network and media processing, their interconnection architectures become a subject of sophisticated optimization. One-to-All Broadcast (OAB) and All-to-All Broadcast (AAB) [2] group communications are frequently used in many parallel algorithms and if their overhead cost is excessive, performance degrades rapidly with a processor count. This paper deals with the design of a new application-specific standard genetic algorithm (SGA) and the use of Hybrid parallel Genetic Simulated Annealing (HGSA) to design optimal communication algorithms for an arbitrary topology of the interconnection network. Each of these algorithms is targeted for a different switching technique. The OAB and AAB communication schedules were designed mainly for an asymmetrical AMP [15] network and for the benchmark hypercube network [16] using Store-and-Forward (SF) and Wormhole (WH) switching.
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