Doc. Ing. Jan Kořenek, Ph.D.

BARTOŠ Václav and KOŘENEK Jan. Evaluating Reputation of Internet Entities. In: Management and Security in the Age of Hyperconnectivity. Munich: Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 132-136. ISBN 978-3-319-39813-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Evaluating Reputation of Internet Entities
Title (cs):Vyhodnocování reputace entit na internetu
Proceedings:Management and Security in the Age of Hyperconnectivity
Conference:10th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security
Series:LNCS 9701
Place:Munich, DE
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
network, security, reputation, threat intelligence
Security monitoring tools, such as honeypots, IDS, behavioral analysis or anomaly detection systems, generate large amounts of security events or alerts. These alerts are often shared within some communities using various alert sharing systems. Our research is focused on analysis of the huge amount of data present in these systems. In this work we focus on summarizing all alerts and other information known about a network entity into a measure called reputation score expressing the level of threat the entity poses. Computation of the reputation score is based on estimating probability of future attacks caused by the entity.

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