Doc. Ing. Jan Kořenek, Ph.D.

MARTÍNEK Tomáš, KOŘENEK Jan and NOVOTNÝ Jiří. Network Monitoring Adaptor for 10Gbps Technology using FPGA. In: CESNET Conference 2006 Proceedings. Prague : CESNET, z. s. p. o.: CESNET National Research and Education Network, 2006, pp. 143-151. ISBN 978-80-239-6533-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Network Monitoring Adaptor for 10Gbps Technology using FPGA
Title (cs):Monitorovací adaptér pro 10Gbps sítě využívající technologii FPGA
Proceedings:CESNET Conference 2006 Proceedings
Conference:CESNET Conference 2006
Place:Prague : CESNET, z. s. p. o., CZ
Publisher:CESNET National Research and Education Network
Network monitoring adaptor, application specific processor, FPGA
This paper describes the architecture of a passive network monitoring adaptor dedicated to 10 Gbps technology. The proposed adaptor is able to produce statistics of input data flows, provide deterministic and stochastic packet sampling and search for specified patterns in packets bodies - payload checking. The architecture is designed for an FPGA platform and is composed of several cooperating application specific processors and control units. This paper presents and evaluates the first implementation of existing hardware.
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