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   SIMLIB/C++  ==  SIMulation LIBrary for C++

2018-10-19: version 3.07 (updates, examples translation)
2018-10-03: version 3.06 (bugfix, updates)
2017-10-04: version 3.04 (minor updates)
2014-03-27: bugfixes
2014-03-10: simlib3 experimental update for unit testing projects
2011-10-30: simlib3 updated to version 3.02
2009-11-29: simlib3 updated to version 3.01
1991-12-16: simlib v 1.0

Project Description

SIMLIB/C++ is simple SIMulation LIBrary for C++ programming language. You can create models directly in C++ language using simulation abstractions and tools from the library. SIMLIB allows object-oriented description of continuous, discrete, combined, and various experimental (2D/3D vector, fuzzy) models.

The library works with GNU C++ compiler under Linux (primary development platform), FreeBSD, and MS Windows (all platforms on i386+). The library is portable with one exception -- simulation process switching code depends on setjmp/longjmp and some lines of assembly language.

SIMLIB/C++ is developed at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. The development started in 1991.

Latest version of SIMLIB/C++ is version 3 for Linux. Source code is available for Linux, FreeBSD, and MS Windows (with GCC versions from 3.0 to 6.3). There is no english documentation now (it will be available later). You can use the source code and examples as the reference.

Interesting facts:
- 70 million running simulation processes on the 64bit machine with 32GiB of memory (overhead cca 500 bytes per process).
- 64bit code is 30 percent faster (-O2, GCC 4.3)

Some simple examples.

Old czech documentation is in html and Postscript format.

Small FAQ

Source code documentation -- prototype version


Library sources are licensed under GNU LGPL.

DOWNLOAD sources and examples for Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows (experimental)


Selected publications



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